M. Phil scholars (Punjab University) visits WWHL
M. Phil scholars (Punjab University) appreciates the core program of WWHL ‘Women Empowerment and Political Awareness’
Women Workers Help Line is a gender sensitized organization
Gender responsive budgeting is practiced since organization started, says a studend
WWHL is proved best than other organizations
Vision of the organization can be seen into the policies and practices

Women Workers Help Line


logo wwhlThe overall mission of the organization is to create human rights, legal, economic, democratic, rule of law and social awareness among women, enabling them to play their effective political, economic and social role in promoting and strengthening democratic culture in Pakistan.

Women Workers Help Line has been struggling to eliminate discriminatory laws against women for eight years, raising voice to eliminate violence against women, during last three years WWHL has formed overall 8 groups which are related to Home based workers. These groups consist of a group of 8-10 home based workers. These groups perform home based works like garments, embroideries, stitching, dying, decoration work and so on. These groups are financially supported by WWHL through revolving funds. The purpose of this financial support is to enable Home based workers to buy raw material, equipment and machinery for themselves and strengthen their work. Theses home based workers use this funds for establishing their work and live a better life.


  • Struggle for women equal representation in political process/ at decision making level
  • Organize women workers to formulate and strengthen trade unions
  • Struggle for new legislation for Informal workers/ Home Based Workers
  • Implementation of Labor and Social Security Laws
  • Struggle for elimination of discriminatory laws against women
  • Provision of legal help to victims of violence/ sexual harassment
  • Networking with like-minded civil society organizations, fronts, forum

Local/ International Linkages

  • Member Home Net Soth Asia
  • Focal person of Gender thematic group of SAAPE Alliance (South Asian Association for poverty eradication), an alliance of Five countries from South Asia
  • Member of Mumkin Alliance-Local, An alliance of more than 30 NGO’s
  • Member of AASHA Alliance-Local
  • Member of Aurat Foundation
  • Member of South Asia Partnership

Working Areas


Organization Structure